Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Persiflage Press

Persiflage Press was founded in 2014 by Persiflage’s Genius Domus, Hugh J Briss. Mr. Briss was under the impression that people were starved for books (e and actual) that contained within them the kind of writing for which his website Persiflage was well known.

He set about the task of recruiting some of the greatest minds working in online (and e-) publishing to help him create a website where interested parties (or just laid back gatherings of folks) would be able to do just that. As he was thoroughly unsuccessful in recruiting even some of the more mediocre talents in the business, he wisely decided to use the existing staff of Persiflage (the usual gang of idiots) to try and accomplish his goal.

The first publication of Persiflage Press was the soon-to-be classic of adventure writing,The Mystery of the Lost Lenore. It appeared in the Spring of 2014. It was followed in the Summer of the same year by the short story collection Uncle Glennie’s Stories for Childish Adults.

Previously Briss had been tangentially involved in the production of the publication Storytime which was the catalogue for an art exhibition at the University of Winnipeg’s Gallery 1C03. That book (which is not currently available in an e-reader friendly format) featured stories by Glen Johnson and illustrations by Leslie Supnet. This is not a publication of Persiflage Press but of Gallery 1C03.

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