Storytime was published by Gallery 1C03 at the University of Winnipeg. It is the catalogue from the exhibition  Storytime which took place in the fall of 2012. The catalogue contains twenty-one stories written by Glen Johnson and illustrated by Leslie Supnet. It also contains photos of the exhibition and essays by Tom Kohut and Jennifer Gibson.

Here is a small sample:

bearwhogotgaggiftsThe Bear Who Got Gag Gifts
Milburn was a bear who always got gag gifts. For his graduation, on his birthday, when he got his promotion, even at Christmas. If there was an exchange of presents, Milburn got a gag gift.
He got World’s Greatest Grandpa hats. He got nudie playing cards. He got peter heaters. He got subscriptions to Tiger Beat magazine. He got little troll dolls. He got cans of snakes and he got fake dog poo. He got a lot of fake dog poo. At home he had a closet full of this stuff.
Milburn wasn’t sure why all his friends and family thought this was appropriate. He had, he thought, never said or done anything to indicate that these were the kinds of things he desired.
What he really wanted was nice presents. Thoughtful, useful presents. Like a nice sweater. Or a tie. Or a desk set. He could really use a nice desk set.
Milburn worked in a bank and he was all in all a fairly serious bear. He liked sitting quietly and reading. He enjoyed walking outside. He did not drink and although he had once owned a pipe he did not smoke.
He never could figure out why he always got gag gifts.

You can purchase the book from AMAZON and it is also available from McNally-Robinson Booksellers and other reputable bookstores.