The Compleat Persiflage

Listen to our brand new podcast on your favorite listening device. Unless that happens to be an old style radio or a conch shell. Those won’t work. But really, do you live in the 19th Century. Give up your Luddite ways! We live in amazing times. Just saying.


The story of The Man Who Tried to Ruin Christmas read aloud. Unbelievably heart-warming.

The Thirtieth Persiflage Podcast
A buncha good stuff in this one: Christmas cake, bird problems and a coupla poems.

The Twenty-Ninth Persiflage Podcast
Contains an actual essay by an actual dog! Seriously.

The Twenty-Eighth Persiflage Podcast
Contains one single story but woo hooo boy it’s a doozy!

The Twenty-Seventh Persiflage Podcast
Wonder why your horoscope never seems to make sense? Try the New Persiflage Zodiac! Guaranteed 100% accurate or your money back! Completely free!

The Twenty-Sixth Persiflage Podcast
Feeling befuddled? You are not alone, our own Hugh Briss speaks of his own befuddlement. Misery loves company.

The Twenty-Fifth Persiflage Podcast
What can you do to make your city better? No seriously, what?

The Twenty-Fourth Persiflage Podcast
Morris dancing roommates, antiquated idioms and salacious poetry.

The Twenty-Third Persiflage Podcast
SEX SEX SEX!!!! Seriously, there is an essay about the sexual wisdom of the ancients entitled, rather unsurprisingly, The Sexual Wisdom of the Ancients.

The Twenty-Second Persiflage Podcast
A story in which Nanaimo Bars feature prominently. That is the dessert treat NOT the licenced establishments of the City of Nanaimo.

The Twenty-First Persiflage Podcast
In which a man converses with God and certain things are revealed.

The Twentieth Persiflage Podcast
Sociability is a big smile and a big smile is nothing but teeth.

The Nineteenth Persiflage Podcast
A sad tale of overpowering lust.

The Eighteenth Persiflage Podcast
Wonder what the hell is going on lately? All is revealed.

The Seventeenth Persiflage Podcast
Managing your serving size and talk of Florida (the state).

The Sixteenth Persiflage Podcast
Featuring advice from badgers! Well, from one badger in particular.

The Fifteenth Persiflage Podcast
This week the Key to Happiness is revealed! Yes, you read that correctly. Are all your problems solved? Maybe.

The Fourteenth Persiflage Podcast
Lots of poetry in this one!

The Thirteenth Persiflage Podcast
Considering a home lobotomy? Listen to this first!

The Twelfth Persiflage Podcast
In which is contained an examination of the sage advice offered to a writer by a dog of his acquaintance.

The Eleventh Persiflage Podcast
Featuring an interview and some pretty fancy schmancy audio editing! Tune in and be super-impressed.

The Tenth Persiflage Podcast
This one is all about dating and romance. Some very useful tips. Possibly.

The Ninth Persiflage Podcast
The episode in which a chicken dances and its reasons for doing so are explored.

The Eighth Persiflage Podcast
Featuring Letters to Persiflage!

The Seventh Persiflage Podcast
The very newest Persiflage Podcast. With talk of that amazing new invention – the Cellular Phone!

The Sixth Persiflage Podcast
You could be listening to it right now!

The Fifth Persiflage Podcast
Featuring a behind the scenes look at rabbits in show business!

The Fourth Persiflage Podcast
The podcast in which apologies are made.

The Third Persiflage Podcast
The best podcast ever? You decide.

The Second Persiflage Podcast
A mild improvement over podcast number one.

The Very First Persiflage Podcast
Here it is! The very first Persiflage podcast! But really, you should have been able to figure that out from the title.