Online Foolishness of the Highest Order

We are currently engaged in the process of modifying web page, trying to address the many concerns and desires of our enormous fan base. This takes time as we have, so far,  received over two (2) suggestions as to how to better manage our site. Well, one of those was really just an insult but still…

Meanwhile is still up and running and you could always saunter over there and have a look around. There is certainly plenty of stuff to peruse in the archives section. Some fourteen years worth of, what shall we call it, brilliance? You can be the judge. If you like.

And of course there is the podcast. It is a relatively new enterprise for us and already it has garnered a lot of interest. Our audience slipped into the double digits sometime last week (we can’t say exactly when as we were only  monitoring it during waking hours).  So that’s pretty exciting eh?

Listen here: